What do I need to start YZO classes?

You need a yoga mat or a blanket, an internet connection, a computer with a camera, speakers and a microphone, and some peace and quiet so that nobody disturbs about you


How do I choose a yoga teacher?

Yoga teachers available at YZO are presented in the TEACHERS tab. A brief description will make it easier for you to decide who you want to take classes with. When you purchase a single yoga session, you can check on your own whether the teacher is conducting the classes in the expected way.


Do I sign a contract with YZO?

In accordance with terms and conditions available at YZO both yoga school and the participant are obliged to comply with the rules set out above – mentioned terms and conditions. After payment for classes in the selected quantity participant is automatically obliged to comply with the regulations. Execution of yoga classes is a contract for the provision of services in the scope selected by the participant, and YZO is obliged to comply with the scope of services in accordance to the rules specified in terms and conditions.


Can I change my teacher?

You can choose another teacher at any time. Just contact the office and ask for a change.


Can I have more than one teacher after buying multiple sessions package?

When starting yoga classes, you can choose more than one teacher, a subject of availability. Classes will be conducted in accordance with the schedule agreed between the participant and the YZO.


Can children be participants of yoga classes at YZO?

Sorry, we run classes only for adults.


Can more than one person participate in classes?

We take special care for the quality of all our yoga sessions and the possibility of making corrections via skype, so we recommend that only one person participates in classes.