Chilled soup from kefir, sour-fermented beets

Chilled soup from kefir, sour-fermented beets


During extremely hot days there is no better option other than chilled soup. And this one is particularly exceptional. It’s prepared from beets that were sour-fermented in kefir (I showed you recipe here: click), so not only delicious but also super-healthy. This soup is easy to prepare, delicious and refreshing, especially when it’s hot outside.

Taste of the chilled beetroot soup can be adjusted according to your liking. Feel free to experiment and to change proportions of the ingredients given below.

Ingredients (2 servings)

All ingredients should be chilled
1/3 of jar of sour-fermented beets in kefir (for recipe click here: click)
0,5L of plain buttermilk or kefir
bunch of radishes
2 cucumbers (fresh or sour-fermented)
fresh dill
2 hard-boiled eggs
salt and pepper to taste



1. Mix kefir, sour-fermented beets  with plain buttermilk or kefir (you can clend it with high-speed blender if you want very smooth consistency)

2. Add finely chopped dill, radishes and cucumbers cut into chunks.

3. Season with salt and pepper

4. Serve immediately or chill in the fridge so that all tastes combine well

5. Decorate with hard boiled eggs before serving

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