Simple sourdough bread

Simple sourdough bread

There is nothing better and more delicious than homemade sourdough bread taken out straight from the oven. Crunchy crust and a thick layer of fresh butter melting on the bread that is still hot is the quintessence of real home. To be able to bake such bread, you need sourdough starter. Once you have it, you can start having fun.

Taking care of your sourdough starter

If you do not use your sourdough starter, you still have to “feed” him once or twice per week. In order to do it, ad 1 tablespoon of rye flour and approximately 1 tablespoon of warm water, to keep the consistency of thick sour cream. Leave at room temperature for approximately one hour and then refrigerate.

Bread baking

Preparation of leaven before bread baking

Take the sourdough starter from the fridge (where it should reside) and increase its volume (while keeping the consistency the same) in order to get the desired quantity. For my recipe you will need 400 g of leaven, so mix 100 g of sourdough starter with 150 g of rye flour and 150 of warm water. Set aside at room temperature for 1-3 hours –  until the bubbles are formed and the leaven rises a little bit (the taste should be distinctly sour)

Preparation of the bread dough

Ingredients (1 loaf of bread from the 9x23cm baking dish)

400g of leaven (as described above) 0
400g – 450 g flour (choose whatever you like such as: wheat, wheat wholegrain, rye, rye wholegrain, spelt flour, wholegrain spelt flour or mixture of them)
200ml of warm water
1 tablespoon of salt


1.  Add4500 g of flour to the prepared 400g of leaven
2. Add water at room temperature
3. Mix well all ingredients and then add salt
4. Set aside for approximately 1 h
5. Line your baking dish with parchment paper
6. Place your bread dough in a baking dish and cover with clean dishtowel
7. Set aside at room temperature for 5-6 hours to allow the bread to rise

Preparation of the oven before baking

8. Heat your oven to maximum temperaute. Place a baking tray on the bottom of the oven and place and old baking dish on it in which you will pour some water in order to get the effect of steam for humidification
9. Place second baking tray in the middle section of your oven and prepare 50 ml of hot water
10. Just before baking spread some water on top of your bread

Bread baking

11. Place the baking dish with your bread dough on the middle baking tray
12. Pour 50 ml of hot water on the baking dish that you put on the tray o the bottom of the oven
13. After 7 minutes of baking decrease the temperature down to 200° and slightly open the oven doors for 10 seconds
14. Bake for approximately 25 – 30 minutes until the bread turns golden
15. When you tap the botton of baked bread and the sound of tapping is hollow, then you know that the bread is done. Otherwise you should place the bread for few more minutes in the oven
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